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Statful is a customized monitoring platform to track any type of metric. We provide you with real-time data in a centralized point-of-view. It empowers you to instrument how and what you want.


WebGazer is a website monitoring platform that checks if your website is up as it should be and notifies you if anything goes wrong.


Automate boring tasks

Syslink Xandria

Manage. Analyze. Monitor. Complete SAP Landscape Control


TripPost allows you to create, budget, and share itineraries with friends, family, and the travel community.


Mobile app network traffic monitoring report


Cell phone tracker

Divvy - Grow Toegether

Saving is easier to accomplish when you do it together.

Skenio is tool for monitoring and tracking changes on any website.

CloudHawk - A Complete View of your Cloud Security Posture for AWS

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