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Monetize your email newsletter campaigns with dynamic native ads.

TheTradable is a UGC-platform about financial markets (stocks, commodities, fx, crypto), investing and the life of traders with user-generated content. Reddit for traders.

Album Daily

An easily digestible music recommendation newsletter, sent out daily or weekly

Pythonic News

A social news aggregator for the Python community


Podcast like app that lets you listen to written web content


Activity feed and chat APIs for custom applications


Usually analyzing and investing in stocks is a full-time job. We believe there has to be an easier way for everyday people to invest their money smarter than your average bank or ETF. is an online drag-n-drop and HTML email editor.


The ShareSpring platform searches social networks, blogs, news and geolocations for your brand's earned and owned content.

Announce Kit

Changelog service with fancy widgets

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