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Album Daily

An easily digestible music recommendation newsletter, sent out daily or weekly


KePSLA provides a host of Business Intelligence Solutions for Hotels & OTAs that includes : Reputation Management, Metasearch , Content Marketing, and Guest Messaging Solutions.

Kid Closet

At Kid Closet, we simplify kids wear shopping for parents through ‘KIKI’, our recommender system as a key innovation.


Crowdsolving community for consumer complaints


Building free, unbiased financial plans in under 3 minutes


Sports betting as an investment

Music Blobs

Browse through music that has been on "Top 50" charts.

Good, Cheap and Fast

Find good, inexpensive products in 5 minutes or less.


The bureaucracy to register a new living address at the government and the hassle to settle in.


Free database of book recommendations by world-class people

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