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MachEye helps you understand “what, why and how” for your data with natural search and AI-powered insights


Effie is a light, clean, yet powerful markup-based writing and mind-mapping software that works on Windows, Mac and iOS.


Employee Retention, Engagement and Learning & Development Software


Boost sales using product upsell & cross-sell funnels

Roibox for Google Ads

Turn your data from Google Ads into actionable insights

Size Wise

Size Wise is a personal sizing recommendation platform. It helps shoppers connect directly with brands based on their body measurements to find clothing in the correct size.


LifeTap is a first-of-a-kind AI that gives group recommendations


AlikeTech helps finding best software for your needs and their alternatives.

Expertrec site search

ExpertRec helps you to build a internal site search for your website in 5 minutes without any coding.


Generate personalised emails that get you 8x more replies with 1-Click.

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