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URL shortener, bio profiles, QR codes, stats, custom domains

Pickcel Digital Signage

Simple and powerful way to manage and publish content on your displays.


Email lead generation made as simple as search


Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.


Simple all-in-one video editor made for content repurposing on social media.

Sievers Creative

A marketing agency made for people

Wisdom IT Solutions

Dubai Based, Website Development Company, Apps Development, Full Digital Marketing Agency Committed to Your Online Success


Online marketing strategy

Social NFT

An online NFT marketplace for influencers and their followers. Create+Mint= make money off your likeness.

Social Jazz

Businesses use Social Jazz to keep their social media active by easily adding topics and events from a catalog, which are then automatically created, branded, and published as posts.

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