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Ruuz Innovations

Ruuz Innovations, imagines, designs and creates sports products

Break Stuff App

We are a one-stop-shop for sports cards

Sahajamal Pharmacy UAE

Online pharmacy UAE


Palocam is the world's first pole-climbing solution to record sports from above ⚽️👆

Smart Engines

Smart ID Engine - fast, secure, private and precise ID card, passport, and drivers license, barcode, MRZ, bank card scanning and recognition software.


Pitchbooking is a digital scheduling and payments solution for sports facilities.

TutorExtra UK

TutorExtra UK gives easy online access to tutors, teachers, instructors, personal trainers, coaches, babysitters, nannies, schools and more in any area.

ID Analyzer

One simple yet powerful cloud API that satisfies all your identity verification needs.


Bloxo is an app that helps you find players for your game and collect RSVP's and payments in one place.

Foresight Esports

An EdTech platform for both career and personal growth of gamers, fans, and streamers.

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