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Vitesse Running

Our App gives you an opportunity to create custom workouts and test over 36 workouts.


Keep track of the emergence of new trends and hypes before everyone else learns about them


JUGG and Slim JUGG are customizable smart water bottles, that feature technology that includes a dual filter system, allows for water tracking, and other health-related features.


Building free, unbiased financial plans in under 3 minutes

Defender Ring™

Smart self-defense rings for women


Blockchain based Private Jet Charter & Luxury Lifestyle at your fingertips

Secret Of Healthy Eating

Live A Healthier Lifestyle Through Good Nutrition

Support Hub

A premium helpdesk solution for Envato Authors


Finally, a solution that doesn't just help you publish blog and social content, it creates it for you too.


mahabis is the home of downtime: we create award-winning slippers, loungewear and lifestyle accessories, that redefine comfort and style.

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