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Affordable Lead Generation Platform helping SMBs find and connect with key decision makers in well-funded under-the-radar Startups

Business Name Generator by Looka

Generate the perfect business name for free!

The Startup Supercup

Where technology startups meet investment capital

Qualee Technology

We make it simple for companies to create exciting employee experiences that will empower your talent to be their best. Every day.


Automate your data entry tasks. Today.


The world's largest print-on-demand company

Nitin Sen

We provide Online STEM Education through a customized curriculum for math, robotics, and coding as per student’s needs.

Checkout Saver

More features, more savings

Automated Software Testing

We help developers to focus on their creativity by automating unit tests - for better code everyday.


Make the most of your business data with AI-powered automated anomaly detection system with real-time analytics.

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