Bwom app aims to help women take control of their pelvic health by offering them personalized and easy-to-do training plans, as well as to empower them by offering quality information and counselling

The Bwom system is based on 3 pillars: evaluation, training and follow up and it provides a simple, yet efficient tool that will help women integrate 10 minute training routines into their lives as it best fits them. This way they can control pelvic health and avoid potential or improve existing discomforts or conditions. This is particularly important during special moments, such as pregnancy, post labour, menopause and in advanced age. Bwom's mission is to raise awareness about these issues and to provide women with professional guidance and information about prevention, treatment and pelvic training, as well as motivation and emotional support. Depending on the specific situation of each woman, training routines designed to improve pelvic health can include different combinations of activities such as Kegel or hypopressive exercises.

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