C London City

C London City
C London City

CLondon startup focussing on London city’s attractions

Launched in 2015 by a team of experienced writers in the capital, CLondon is a new startup focussing on the city’s incredible amount of attractions. It aims to provide a quick and easy way for consumers to find out more about the capital, using trusted reviews from journalists writing in their strongest fields. Free from corporate sponsorship and completely anonymous, it has a serious edge over its rivals by being as unbiased as it’s possible to get.

It was created after many writers in London expressed their discontent over external pressures on their work. They felt that they were not able to be entirely honest with their reviews, and as such needed to be deferential to cases that really required nothing less than their critical attention.

Key differentiating points for CLondon include:

. A team of highly knowledgeable writers who have lived and worked in the city for a considerable amount of time. Every article on the site is written by a published journalist, ensuring that the standard and expertise found in every article is always outstanding.

. Articles are published under a pseudonym, allowing writers to maintain complete anonymity. With the growing pressures of the commercial market featuring ever more keenly in journalists’ minds, it’s vital to ensure that they are able to produce content without fear of repercussions or a negative impact to their standing with the PR industry.

. A wide number of topics are addressed covering everything from tourist attractions to the height of fine dining. The site has been designed as a one stop shop for anyone looking for things to do in the capital and is thus extremely broad in the scope of its content.

. The site is entirely free, with no paywalled sections, no subscriptions and no freemium model. The site is self sustaining and has no financial pressures on it, allowing it to avoid clickbait articles and instead focus on quality reviews.

. Rich media is common throughout, with HD photos and multimedia content a key part of the guide. All lists and recommendations are illustrated to a very high standard, easily the equal of many of our leading rivals and industry leaders.

. Content is updated on an incredibly frequent basis, with huge numbers of articles being uploaded each and every month. There’s always fresh lists and articles to read and, as the mainstream topics get covered, the site is able to delve into some of the more esoteric areas that are generally left undiscovered by other sites.

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