A Cryptocurreny Payment Solution and Peer to Peer Lending Application!

The World Data Science Institute is a SEC Registered Financial Data Science Research & Development Company! We develop Advanced Blockchain and Financial Technology Applications using Data Science!

Our Flagship Application is Crypto$hare!

Crypto$hare utilizes Digital Wallets and Prepaid Digital Debit Cards (supports cryptocurrency) to replace traditional bank accounts for the unbanked. It also allows digital and physical assets to be used as collateral to give borrowers the opportunity to receive funding.

-Users can send money, receive money, and buy things within our digital wallets.

-Users can buy things directly from digital wallet balance because it comes with Prepaid digital debit card.

-Users can borrow money using cryptocurrency as digital collateral within the app.

-Users can also borrow money using physical assets (car titles, jewelry, and etc) as collateral using Blockchain Smart Lockers as custodians within the app.

-Users also can buy things (groceries, restaurants, services) within app in our Crypto$hare marketplace with their digital wallet balance

Location: Miami, United States

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CRYPTOSHARE Explainer Video

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