Hobbycorn is a mobile application that enables you to discover hobbies you have never heard of, learn, plan, and also track them regularly.

Hobbycorn application contains 11 different categories and 200 different hobby types. You can browse all hobbies in any category you want from the homepage. You can add hobbies you like to your favorites so that you can return and plan again later. You can check out its popularity by seeing how many people have favorites and planned hobbies before.

Moreover, you can filter hobbies under the titles of 'Individual-Group', 'Closed-Open Space', 'Fixed-Moving', and you can search for hobbies with the desired level between 1-5 in the time and cost section.

With digital illustrations specific to each hobby, you can find information about what that hobby is. You can see all the equipment necessary to start the hobby you want, item by item, on a single page, you can get information about the most interesting information about that hobby, events you have not heard before, and historical events. Before starting the hobby of your choice, you can learn the tips and tricks and add them to your plan with one touch.

You can instantly plan the hobby you want and set goals, and follow its development with graphics and statistics. You can be professional in your hobbies and challenge others with the 'challenge' feature.

We are with you in this whole process. We want you to complete your goals and start a hobby that you have never tried before and rediscovered your limits. With every step you accomplish, your self-awareness will increase, you will feel more motivated as you see its development, and you will discover yourself as you discover your hobbies.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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