Save location-based content on your own personal map

MapPost saves all those destinations you come across while browsing the web. Destinations that excite your interest, but that you have no good way to keep track of.

You’ve read articles about a great restaurant, bookstore, shop, gallery or destination, that you’d love to visit. You’ve saved it, written it down, or committed it to memory. But you can never find it again or remember the details, when you want it.

MapPost is here to help. Have those articles and locations at your fingertips, where and when you need them.

MapPost does this by pinning the articles containing location-based content to a personal map for you, at the geographical locations described in the articles.

This just makes sense as the best way to save location-based content.

These locations and motivating articles are available at your fingertips, with just of couple of clicks, on your own personal map.

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

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