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The patent search engine you always wanted to exist

Searching the web for patents, even reading them online, is a terrible experience. The most user friendly service is Google Patents. But that was designed back in 2006 and has barely seen as upgrade since.

(Here's why:

That's why out of frustration we've modernized the design. Making it Web 2.0β€”and keeping it free. Basically, if you like what Wikiwand did for Wikipedia, you're going to love this. Because it creates a way for users to easily navigate the patent search process. And make it one less headache in their lives.

Who are the users? Since we launched on May 11, we've had 6,000+ users that range from lawyers, startup CEOs, journalists, inventors, tinkerers and more. It's become the go-to search tool for patents for a ton of different people with the number growing everyday.

Together with this rapidly expanding user base, we're rolling out incredibly new features they've suggested. Including auto-citing to the patent, advanced search abilities, rapid review functions, and more.

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