Petita Demas

Petita Demas
Petita Demas

Light the spark of curiosity in children.

We are a company dedicated to our friends who are small in height but big in our hearts.
Our aim is to light the spark of curiosity in children.

We build creative, educational apps for children aged 2-6. Our games have crystal-clear concepts, exceptional aesthetics and great production values. As parents, we feel responsible for the aesthetic education of our children and we believe this can shape the way they experience, interact and later on reshape our world. By creating apps that appeal to adults too, we hope to strengthen the bonds between parents and children through joyful play.

At the moment our library includes "Match & Learn™ The Professions", "Pico the Penguin" and soon we’ll launch "Match & Learn™ The Greek Gods".

We think education and creativity will make the world a better place, join us on our journey!

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