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journey with your pet

PetPals app is a great advantage for all pet owners. This app provides a full spectrum of services to your pet companions. Right from bringing home a new pet, finding a petmate, to buying pet supplies, PetPals provides great solutions for everyone. PetPals connects you to different service networks like groomers, veterinary health care providers, pet sitters and walkers, pet boarding services, and many more. We pride ourselves as the world's first app that is bringing together a wide range of services that help you along the journey with your pet and make it memorable.

Bringing a pet home, whether you want to buy or adopt, requires a lot of planning and extensive information search. By connecting you to a verified network of breeders and adoption platforms PetPals ensures that you have the right information that helps you make right decisions and bring home a pet of your choice. Further our app's location sensitivity suggests service providers nearby your locale, making it easy for you to quickly bring home your pet and begin your journey without delay.

PetPals app has covered all requirements of pet owners in detail, including dating & mating services. Pet dating is for your pets when they do not have anyone to play with & are feeling sad and lonely. It also has a social section which allows you to get in touch with other people like you in similar situations. Pet mating service is also quite important unless you are having a male of the same species. PetPals pet care app will help in finding a suitable mate of the same species for your pet based upon your choice.

Whether you want to treat your loving pet with good food or are looking for other pet supplies, PetPals has it all. Caring for pets require a lot of passion & love. We let you choose from a wide range of pet supplies which are meant to enhance health & well-being of your pet. PetPals app will allow you to find service providers nearby your locale and also deliver pet supplies at your doorstep.

Just tap on Nearby Pet Stores to get the name, address & location of all pet stores near your locale. Our app will also provide you with directions to the pet store of your choice where a variety of pet supplies & accessories are sold. This feature is meant to take you to the nearby pet supply store in order to ensure that your pet gets all that they need at the earliest.

Health and wellbeing of your pet are of utmost important. PetPals will help you locate a nearby vet clinic quickly with just a tap. PetPals makes it simple & easy for you to find comprehensive healthcare services for dogs, cats, small mammals & other pets.

As a pet parent you know that your pet needs the best. Whether it is grooming, training, day camps, pet boarding or any other type of services you would require for pets through your journey with the pet, PetPals will effectively guide you to the best ones. After all, you will need someone to take good care of your pet in your absence when you are going out of town. PetPals will be delighted to be of help.

Quite often pets may get a little naughty & hurt themselves. By providing a searchable database of first aid for various eventualities, PetPals makes sure that you have the right information at your fingertips with just a tap of a few buttons. However, pets' first aid is an emergency treatment & should therefore never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. PetPals pet care app provides you guidance for nursing your pet.

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