Pixigon: Elevate your business with custom, AI-powered animated marketing videos—fast, affordable, and ideal for small business marketing.

Pixigon is an AI-powered platform tailored for small businesses, designed to simplify the process of creating animated marketing videos. It's particularly suitable for businesses with tight budgets and schedules, offering a user-friendly interface that requires no prior video editing experience. The service starts with an interactive guide directly from the landing page, which helps in creating a video in minutes.

Users can see a preliminary preview of their video early in the process, allowing for quick adjustments and a sense of the video’s direction. The platform emphasizes customization, enabling users to easily add, delete, or rearrange scenes or any content to align the video with their brand identity.

Pixigon offers extensive tweaking options, including adjustments in colors, visuals, and voice-overs, ensuring that each video is unique and personalized. After finalizing the video, it can be downloaded in high definition and is ready for sharing on platforms like websites and YouTube, making it a valuable tool for enhancing online presence.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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