Save small, live large. Use gamified automatic savings to meet your financial goals. Get the life you want with the money you've already got.

Qapital is a new mobile-first banking app dedicated to changing the way that young professionals and millennials save and spend. Millennials are more credit-shy and debt-burdened than their parents, and the ongoing fallout of the Great Recession has diminished their trust in conventional banking. Qapital uses gamified, automatic savings to allow its customers set aside small amounts of money regularly, so they can have the things they want — without relying on credit.

Customers can create a unique and fun (yes, fun) savings plan that blends seamlessly into their lifestyle. The product enables them to set up "rules" that trigger automatic savings for a specific goal. As an example, every time a Qapital user resists the temptation to buy a latte, she can trigger the app to put the equivalent cost into an FDIC-backed Qapital account. Users can direct these savings toward a goal of their choosing, such as a trip to Paris or a security deposit on a new apartment, or set them aside as a rainy-day fund.

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