Reyets protects your rights with the fastest and most secured way to record, stream, video, and document high-risk situations.


Imagine a more just world. We do. We’re a tech company, but we’re also citizens. We value an equitable, just society, and think technology can be used for the good of all - as an agent for positive social change. That’s why we put our skills and know-how to work on Reyets, the fastest and most secure way to record video, document high-risk situations and instantly know your rights. Then share and act on your beliefs. Some situations go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye, but you can rest easier knowing we’ve got your back. We want to help you capture the truth and broadcast it almost instantly, around the globe, to wake up the world. The new civil rights movement has started, and Reyets was made to protect and help as you take part.


The Reyets app gives you the power to uncover and broadcast the truth with the tap of a button, you'll stream, record video and know your rights to help you understand and navigate a potentially volatile situation.

Location: WASHINGTON, DC, United States of America

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