SehatYab - First Pakistan Online Clinic

SehatYab - First Pakistan Online Clinic
SehatYab - First Pakistan Online Clinic

With an aim to address complete well-being of patients, we emphasize on mental health and preventive side of physical well-being.

With a rapidly growing population and lack of resources, Pakistan’s healthcare system is failing to satisfy the demand of its public. Thousands die every year due to preventable reasons such as, access to healthcare. 70% of healthcare resources are in urban setting serving 30% of urban communities leaving a huge gap at rural segment who need to spend time & cost to access facilities at the cities. The system is further hampered due to qualified doctors and paramedical staff leaving the country for jobs abroad. While the public sector is cash starved and private sector is driven by commercial priorities, a huge service gap has arisen within various segments of our society.

We at SehatYab identified that this big chasm can only be bridged through introduction of tele-medicine technology thus bringing the doctor to the patients’ doorstep. This has only become possible due to rapid development of internet, 3G / 4G networks in Pakistan.

Although we work for profit, we work on an impact investment model to ensure fair practice in everything we do. Thus, we aim to improve the “Health Status” of the people of Pakistan.

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