Shoppii is an advertising platform, which will reach targeted customers that are nearby your store.

What is Shoppii?
Shoppii is an advertising platform, which will help bring new customers to your store. It works crossing precise segmentation data with location, but what this means? It means that your offers will reach only targeted customers that are nearby your store within a 5 km radius.
Which are the benefits?
We know how expensive and time consuming can be making advertising campaigns and being sure that they will reach the target audience. Shoppii is the best way of getting higher conversions and lower advertising prices for your campaigns!
How it works?
You will set your campaign by age, gender, interests and location. Shoppii will show your offers in the map to all consumers, according to your campaign settings, that are nearby.
Who is it for?
It is for all business, which need an effective campaign to bring more people to their stores, restaurants or events.

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