The Perfect Name For Your Business Is Out There


Hope all is well. My name is Grant Polachek. I am head of branding at Squadhelp.com, Inc 500 company and the world’s #1 naming platform.

I have a few blog posts that I just wrote that I think your audience might really benefit from:

The Perfect Name For Your Business Is Out There - http://bit.ly/2OgUBXw
How to Avoid Having a Cringey of Embarrassing Business Name - http://bit.ly/2A3Qhlu
How a Poor Name can Lower the Value of Your Brand - http://bit.ly/2pKfKdE
Why Audience Testing is a Vital Step in the Business Naming Process - http://bit.ly/2OjkOEO

Would you like any of the above as guest posts?

Also, once published, we will promote the article (and your blog) to our ~50,000 social followers.

Looking forward to your reply,


Location: Hoffman Estates, United States

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