Verofax Limited

Verofax Limited
Verofax Limited

Verofax is an asset tracing platform that empowers businesses to increase consumer satisfaction, boost productivity and build impactful relationships across the supply chain.

Verofax is an asset tracing platform that empowers businesses to build impactful relationships across the value chain. It brings products to life with a unique digital identity that harnesses first-party data and turning it into personalized experiences.

Administrators are entitled to optimize supply chain processes by screening suppliers and validating authenticity.

Suppliers can track and avoid losses in shipping with the aid of smart IoT devices, for a seamless and interoperable system across logistics providers.

Facilitate managerial oversight and upgrade staff productivity with store data analytics, training, and intelligent operations.

Verofax helps enterprises to connect directly with their customers and circumvent the channel. Harness first-party data to provide personalized experiences and build customer loyalty.

Greener companies are empowered to upsell their products with transparent sustainability rating and certificate validation.

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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