SaaS Focused Landing Page Builder

Why make another landing page builder?

Having built many marketing sites and landing pages for ourselves and our clients we noticed that the process is broken.

Hand coded custom sites require a lot of time. Templates are hard to customise and require a developer to make the changes.

Current landing page builder are either too simple and don't have the functionality required or so complex that non technical users aren’t able to use them.

Versoly is built to be simple but powerful, it hides the complex features away from beginners but allows the advanced users to build customisable landing pages quickly.

Key Features:

- Templates look beautiful
- Load fast (100/100 google pagespeed insight)
- SEO optimised

- Blocks are built to convert
- Easy to change, add and delete

- We use AWS for everything. Sites load extremely fast

HTML/CSS/JS editor
- We have added a HTML/CSS/JS into the web app so you can add custom HTML if needed for your landing page

- We allow you to export clean HTML code

Location: London, United Kingdom

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