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Wandrr embarked on an exciting journey in September 2023 with the aim of revolutionizing the travel industry by eliminating all the hassles associated with trip planning and booking. As an AI-based startup, we empowered our users to create and customize their itineraries with ease. Our users could save their itineraries for future reference, download them to Excel, and share them with their travel buddies via popular platforms like WhatsApp and x.com.

We take pride in our intuitive itinerary creation feature that transforms the daunting task of planning a holiday into a fun-filled experience. With Wandrr, collaboration with your travel companions becomes effortless. Share your itinerary with them and plan your dream vacation together.

Our simplified booking process ensures that you have access to all your trip needs, from accommodations to activities, at your fingertips. Trust us to cover all your travel essentials.

Location: Porto, Portugal

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