Raising Crypto For Good

WeTrust uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized, financially inclusive, socially impactful ecosystem. In support of this mission, many products and strategic initiatives are being cultivated to ensure a robust environment for all stakeholders.

Spring is our platform for collaborative finance and the flagship product. It is a crypto crowdfunding platform that will evolve to incorporate many different types of financial collaboration models, with greater decentralization, and additional types of value transfer (one-directional such as a donation, bi-directional such as a loan or investment, or multi-directional such as insurance).

In the future, this may include, but not limited to: lending circles (ROSCA), donation crowdfunding (ASCA), crypto-backed loans, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, DAICO, ICO, Securities offerings, decentralized So-Fi for alums, insurance, etc.

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