Best Freelancer Tools vs WeTrust

Best Freelancer Tools

Best Freelancer Tools
Best Freelancer Tools

BFT is creating the largest and best curated list of tools and resources specifically created to empower freelancers and soloprenuers.

BFT is on a mission to provide the internet's greatest curated list of tools and resources made to empower freelancers and soloprenuers. From taking the first steps of business incorporation, getting your first client, receiving payment, scaling operations beyond yourself, an everything in between. We're the one stop shop for all things freelancing.

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Raising Crypto For Good

WeTrust uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized, financially inclusive, socially impactful ecosystem. In support of this mission, many products and strategic initiatives are being cultivated to ensure a robust environment for all stakeholders.

Spring is our platform for collaborative finance and the flagship product. It is a crypto crowdfunding platform that will evolve to incorporate many different types of financial collaboration models, with greater decentralization, and additional types of value transfer (one-directional such as a donation, bi-directional such as a loan or investment, or multi-directional such as insurance).

In the future, this may include, but not limited to: lending circles (ROSCA), donation crowdfunding (ASCA), crypto-backed loans, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, DAICO, ICO, Securities offerings, decentralized So-Fi for alums, insurance, etc.

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