Billdoo vs GeoPITS



Best Free POS billing software with state of art modernised hardware systems and POS machines.

Point of sale service and terminal which are web based and supports all kinds of devices. Omnichannel POS system for restaurants, clothing stores, salon-spa, cafes, jewellery stores, supermarket and showrooms etc.
All types of retailers can use this POS system for their business.

Included amazing features like :
*Upgraded cloud system and backups
*Whatsapp and online ordering
*Multidevice and location support
*Branch management
*GST and Tax Invoicing
*Barcode Reader and Loyalty Perks

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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GeoPITS provides expert services in database management, analytics operations and database solutions for any business.

GeoPITS empowers businesses to achieve reliable, secure and high-performing database environments and to derive meaningful business insights, keeping cost, quality and sustainability in mind.

Location: Bengaluru, India

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