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GrowthGenius is your AI-assisted sales development team.

GrowthGenius helps sales teams at B2B tech companies consistently fill their pipeline.

We use machine learning to track 70+ buy signals, discover ideal customer profile insights, craft custom and deeply personalized email sequences, and reach out and follow-up at the perfect time, providing results 3x - 10x better than your industry average.

Your pipeline is automatically filled with ready-to-buy customers. All your sales team has to do is what they do best: close the deal.

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a free mobile employment solution that leverages personality traits, interests, and physical location to pair job seekers with available employment opportunities.

The fastest way to connect with employers, Wirkn offers easy job discovery and provides a robust platform for dynamic video resume creation. This will best showcase a candidate’s personal brand to prospective employers for jobs.In turn, employers save valuable time and effort in finding qualified candidates, reducing operational costs and building a better team.

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