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KICKICO is a company for crowdfunding and crowdinvesting in cryptocurrency.

ICKICO sits at the intersection of two young industries: blockchain and crowdfunding. Both of these industries have great potential, but both are rife with failed projects and outright scams. KICKICO moves crowdfunding from centralized platforms (such as Kickstarter) to Ethereum-based smart contracts. This not only allows us to implement the crowdfunding model in a decentralized way - significantly reducing overhead - it also provides a mechanism to protect backers from failed projects: guaranteeing their investment with blockchain-based tokens called KickCoins. KICKICO will provide users with a powerful, convenient, and up-to-date platform for both ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and crowdfunding campaigns.

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Streamster is a free live streaming software with a built-in cloud-based multistreaming feature.

Streamster makes it easy to manage multiple streams at the touch of a button so you can increase your audience and get the exposure you’re looking for. Multiple streams management is easy no matter how many platforms you want to connect at the same time, and you can broadcast to any platforms that support RTMP. Better still, during a multiple stream broadcast, your processor load and internet traffic usage will be the same as if you were streaming to a single website.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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