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Top Data Science Startups

World Data Science Institute

The World Data Science Institute is a Specialized Consulting & Training Agency offering DSaaS (Data Science as a Service)


Woofy is a marketing platform driven by visual data science giving every marketer the edge they deserve.

BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

We deliver cutting-edge technology solutions with a special focus on Cloud Services, App Modernization, Big Data & Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning

Good, Cheap and Fast

Find good, inexpensive products in 5 minutes or less.


DataToBiz is an Advanced data analytics consulting company offering customer analytics, spatial & marketing analytics, supply chain analytics & computer vision solutions


Personalized mentorship experiences

The Data Science Interview

Rock your next data science interview.


Helping marketers manage user-generated content

John Snow Labs

Accelerating Data Science DataOps, Big Data & Analytics teams with clean, matched, current & compliant Data.


AdHawk is the simplest way to manage and optimize your digital advertising across platforms.

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