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Top Personal Data Startups


Fourview is an ad-free, revenue sharing social network puts privacy back in the users’ hands.

UDAPTOR Data Access Assistant

Claim your Data Rights with just a few clicks!


The easiest way to get and provide help about any topic


Revolutionizing the way you know your customers

Bee Informed

Your subscription should be your thing. Follow incognito with a simple scan of QR code. Real opt-out. No personal data left anywhere during subscription.

Monetize your website with Arc

Make money and accelerate your website


Decentralized open source online storage network


Privatica is a customers data management platform, designed to manage customers, leads and visitors data while also offering features to respect visitor privacy rules such as GDPR.


Manage Your Cookies The Right Way


LogSentinel is a blockchain-inspired company working in the field of information security and protection of personal data.

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