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Bean Lite

Our vision was to create a lifestyle, fitness and nutrition brand that people cannot live without whilst making it truly affordable to the masses.


Sir-Mix-A-Bot is the home bartender for the cocktail crafter and DIY builder. Our technology is open source and we love to share our findings and recipes!


ContactPigeon's all-in-one marketing personalization & automation features work with eCommerce to engage, retain, and grow customers.


A search engine for short video recipes


it's all about women's magazine


The best way to manage your household food


WHYM: a new kit that lets you build your own beer in only 24 hours


Providing real-time, effective and curated access to the best culinary experts in the country.

Let's Be Chefs

Let's Be Chefs is a personalized meal planning app that saves you time and energy getting dinner on the table.


EverSeller turns your Evernote™ account into an online shop.

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