Never miss a movie again!

AlertFilm solves the massive problem of choice and discovery in the streaming entertainment market.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Sky, iTunes - there are dozens of streaming content providers, each with thousands of hours of content that is published and withdrawn without warning. Discovery is broken. The recommendation is broken. The simple task of finding a movie you want to watch, checking its availability and being able to watch it is a real problem.

AlertFilm makes discovering and enjoying streaming content simple.

We combine all the content from all the streaming platforms - subscription and free - so you can quickly discover new films and entertainment, and get the latest news about your favorites.

Currently, AlertFilm is available for cinema releases, iTunes, Netflix, and Plex.

The market opportunity is huge - 7 out of 10 consumers watch streaming entertainment every week - and growth is unprecedented.

Our goal is to create an experience that is essential and enjoyable for the modern consumer, an everyday app that is as compelling and immersive as your favorite movie.

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