4 Types Of Startup Businesses That Allow More Flexibility

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Starting a business is one of potentially the biggest things that you can do. It can be completely life-altering and change everything about your lifestyle. If things go well you will find yourself in a great position to be able to expand your business and find great success. But there are some businesses that you … Read more

How Can Startups Benefit from Outsourcing?

Outsourcing Benefits for Startups

Now more than ever, businesses are forced to compete not just within their local spheres of operation, but against a global set of competitors. Even small businesses on the other side of the world can potentially eat into an established business’s market share, creating the need for as much efficiency in day-to-day operations as possible. … Read more

Finding Your Calling: Tips, Tricks, And Hacks To Help You Write The Perfect Calls To Action

How To Write Calls to Action

The digital environment is an overwhelming place for the average consumer and there is constant competition for the attention of anyone browsing the web. Digital marketing is geared towards grabbing that attention. However, too often brands are so focused on getting someone’s attention, that when they do have it they don’t know what to do … Read more

5 Tips Every Tech Startup Needs to Know to Grow & Scale Like Crazy

How to scale your startup

When you’re working in a start-up, you share one goal alongside every other start-up; to grow and escape the first year. Escaping your first year as a start-up business dramatically increases your chances of succeeding, especially when you’re in such a volatile industry, such as the tech industry. Especially when you consider that 80 new … Read more

Could You Be a Victim of Click Fraud? Here Are 3 Ways to Know

Click Fraud

An estimated 20% of clicks on advertisements are fraudulent. Click fraud may be done by rivals to drain your ad budget or manipulate search results. Many firms are unaware of the cost of an organized click fraud effort. Others mistakenly assume search engines will handle it, though the problem is so great that they can’t … Read more

Unleash the power of Startups in Turkey

Everyone is very welcome to the official launch event of Startup Disrupt in Turkey powered by Grow with Google! In September we’ll live stream an amazing event with 4 extraordinary speakers – Enis Hulli (General Partner, 500 Startups Istanbul), Dilek Dayinlarli (Founder, ScaleX Ventures), Patrick Bosteels (Co-Founder, Urla Coworking) and Ozan Sonmez (Founding Partner, YellowX)! … Read more

How To Make Your Business Digital No Matter What Sector It’s In

How to make your business digital

Creating an online business is a great way to save costs and improve your visibility. It’s also particularly useful during these challenging times where many businesses have had to adapt in order to continue selling to their customers.  Not every sector is able to go digital, however, there have been many industries (such as food … Read more

4 Way to Keep Fleet Costs Low in Difficult Trading Conditions

Fleet Costs

Operating a fleet of vehicles can quickly get expensive for any business. Not only do you have to cover the costs of obtaining the vehicles themselves, but you also need to factor in the ongoing costs associated with vehicle ownership. You will have to fuel and repair your fleet of vehicles, as well as ensure … Read more

How To Find The Right Accountant For Your Small Business?

Small Business Accountant

As a small business owner, it’s important to consider all aspects of your finances. A reliable accountant can help you with bookkeeping, balance sheets, and so much more! The key lies in finding that perfect professional fit and working together for years to come. Here are some tips to find the right accountant: Establish Needs … Read more