How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

startup naming

The global marketplace is actively evolving, and millions of new enterprises are launched each year. According to Oberlo, 3.51 million, 4.38 million, and over 4 million brands were launched by entrepreneurs in 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively. Every business person who wants to develop a successful business must have a memorable brand name. A strong … Read more

Hosting Your First Virtual Event As A Startup? 4 Tips For Success

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Virtual events have become the norm these days. Businesses, government institutions, universities, etc., connect with their target audience in a virtual setting. Not only does it help in building connections, but virtual events are also very fruitful in strengthening a brand, generating leads, and increasing company revenue.  Even though virtual events are beneficial, hosting one … Read more

11 Communication Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master


People always think of entrepreneurs as the sole generators of ideas. Their only tasks are coming up with revolutionary ideas and drawing conclusions about their businesses. However, most of the time, they’re working with teams on developing their ideas and revolutionizing the industries. The way they communicate with the employees involved determines their success to … Read more

13 Best Canva Alternatives for Beautiful Graphic Designs

Canva Graphic Design Alternatives

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of the value of graphic design, but few people take action to improve their designs, owing to a lack of time. Especially if you’re working on websites and social media platforms, this is the time for designers to become more conscious of the world of DIY graphic design. Allow … Read more

10 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Startup Marketing Plan Great

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You definitely need a different startup marketing plan. The world has changed a bit. There are new businesses lined up with increased competition everywhere.  If your enterprise can’t keep up with changing trends in your industry, you may get left behind by more innovative companies. The businesses need to be different as well as unique. … Read more

Best Video Content Ideas for Startups to Try in 2022

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When it comes to creating a powerful online marketing strategy, video content is one of the key approaches to include for any business regardless of the products and industry it operates in. And, there’s no wonder of it: startups that apply videos can attract more search traffic and generate more revenue compared to those that … Read more

A Guide to Starting a Successful Aircon Business


If you’re interested in running an air conditioning business or you already have one, then there are some things you need to keep in mind as you run your successful business. How can you know whether an air conditioning business is successful? Below are some signs of a successful business It has grown in revenue … Read more

How non-technical founders can build incredible tech startups


Building a startup is hard, especially if you are from a non-technical background. You will have a mountain of technical jargon to understand at every step of your journey and without proper direction, it might all seem too much to handle!  However, mountains are there to be conquered, and with the right idea and a … Read more

Is Digital Home Buying the Future? – Lending Platforms for Digital Home Buying

roshi digital home buying lending platform

There’s no doubt that buying a new home is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. But when you set out to get a good home loan and come to know that there are so many lenders out there and the process of getting a home loan is quite complicated, your excitement may … Read more

Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups

Social Media Marketing Tips

Ready to launch your new business? Building awareness about your business is key while starting. You should focus on using the best yet cost-effective marketing campaigns. If you haven’t thought of social media, it’s among the best tools you can use to market your business. Around 4.62 billion people use social media, accounting for more … Read more