13 Best Canva Alternatives for Beautiful Graphic Designs

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of the value of graphic design, but few people take action to improve their designs, owing to a lack of time. Especially if you’re working on websites and social media platforms, this is the time for designers to become more conscious of the world of DIY graphic design. Allow me to be your tour guide through the world of DIY graphic design.

Several DIY graphic design options are available online, but Canva is the most useful. Canva allows you to create your website with easy access to your social media accounts. It also provides you with various layouts and templates to choose from.

According to website developers and graphic designers, Canva is one of the most innovative sites available, but it isn’t the only option. So, I’d like to introduce you to them with the pleasure of being your graphic design adventure guide.


Let’s start with Pixelied, a Canva alternative. Pixelied is yet another hidden graphic design arm. Pixelied shares many similarities with Canva, but it also provides more choices for icons, stock images, headers, and templates customized to your needs. Pixelied is more qualified because it allows you to quickly create mock-ups for your brand assets before starting your different designs. To conclude, Pixelied is best suited to company graphic design. The advantage of this option is that you will discover how innovative skills can be acquired daily. Apart from that, Pixelied is initially free, but you must pay $7.95 a month to build an account.

Vista Create

Vista Create is another choice. Vista Create is an alternative that allows you to create animations. It provides you with models to animate. Animation Maker is a Vista Create kit for graphic designers. You can use a lot of videos and pictures in Animation Creator. It can be square or vertical. Vista Create’s animated models are available in various sizes for both video and images. This feature of Vista Create makes it more attractive to designers who want to spice up their social media platforms. Vista Create is also beneficial because it has a vast library of illustrations with different choices and design formats for various styles, similar to what you’re searching for. Vista Create is free for the first month, but you must be a pro subscriber to use the Animation Creator features. It will set you back $7.99 a month.

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Pixlr is another tool for graphic designers interested in photo editing capabilities. It functions better than others and is simple to understand! These characteristics rendered Pixlr a viable Photoshop substitute. Pixlr has valuable and fast features, such as quickly deleting unwanted elements from an image. It has a Cutout button that allows you to alter the entire context rather than just a tiny subject. For artists, Pixlr’s payment plan is perfect. It is initially free but then costs $4.90 a month.


Tyle is a practical Canva substitute. Tyle is best suited to users who want to make upgraded videos and can help you design high-quality images more quickly and easily. If you’d like to use Tyle for social media messages, you can have videos ready to go at any time. You won’t need to shoot or take more videos with this feature. Another fascinating aspect is that it offers three million free stock images and video clips. Tyle is free for the first month, but it costs $31 a month; if you think this is a better option, you can pay $59 for a year. 


If you’re a graphic designer with your brand but still need a little extra creativity in your projects, RelayThat will be your first port of call! It essentially aids in developing visuals for landing pages, social media material, and advertising. RelayThat will suggest many template sizes and formats for you to use when uploading your brand properties. One of the benefits of RelayThat is that it comes with a variety of modeling choices and ready-to-use SEO image capabilities. The monthly fee for RelayThat is $25.

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PiktoCharts is one of the most suitable options available. PiktoChart invites you to extend your imagination by inspiring you through its library of maps, graphics, and infographics. It provides you with resources and models to help you promote your innovative ideas for media pictures, slides, and presentations. PiktoChart has a challenging qualification; it suggests more data visualization models and layouts based on visual ability. PiktoChart has a range of pricing choices, but the free plan only allows you to use a limited number of templates, while the pro membership, which begins with a free trial, will enable you to use unlimited templates. After that, it will cost you $29 a month. PiktoChart will help you discover new ways to be more creative.


Snappa is a do-it-yourself graphic designer and decorator. It effectively recommends a plethora of models, copyright-free photos to choose from, and the ability to upload your custom-designed brand images. Snappa also allows you to use your custom fonts in your designs. Another feature of Snappa is that you can share your creations directly without leaving the alternative if you have a subscription for five or more months. Snappa is free at first, but it will cost $10 per month.


Stencil is ideal for creative graphic designers looking for sharp images on social media channels. Stencil is a Canva alternative with over 100.000 quotes for you to use. One of the reasons Stencil is a suitable alternative is that it has a variety of extensions to highlight a slogan. Stencil is a better option for beginners because it has fewer layouts and headers. It is also reasonably priced for beginners; the fee is $9, but you will not be charged for the first ten templates if you use the limited version.


Venngage, like the others, is a Canva alternative. It enables its users to access various templates. Venngage is most likely used by graphic designers working on social media posts, charts, or presentations. Venngage is another beginner-friendly option. It gives you access to videos that explain how Venngage works and how you can improve your skills. Venngage’s primary function is the creation of data visualization infographic subjects. You will not be charged for many templates, but if you decide to become a pro subscriber, Venngage will charge you $24 per month. It’s also free for students!

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PicMonkey is a simple alternative that anyone can use. It allows you to organize your photos, add filters and effects, and even create collages. PicMonkey is a simple graphic design alternative. However, if you only need help to arrange pictures, this is sufficient. It does, however, have a template library where you might find what you’re looking for. PicMonkey is free for one week, after which it will cost $7.99 per month.


The picture editing system is Fotor, another Canva alternative. Like Venngage, Fotor also allows you to view videos of the guide. These videos certainly can upgrade your level of creativity. For each month, Fotor is $8.99.


Easil is one of Canva’s most skilled alternatives. The image editing features are best improved. Easil enables you to upload your brand assets and helps you to template your interests accordingly. You may also create image files in Easil that support animated and static images. Easil begins free, but it costs $7.50 per month after month.


You’ll upgrade your creative Visme if you’re looking for the option. Visme is an alternative to Canva that offers and re-invites its users for innovative presentations and graphic and infographic templates. It has more than 50 templates, headers, widgets, and layout libraries. The video you are uploading also has a quality to edit or customize. It begins free, but Visme costs $15 a month after the first month.

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