Startup Success: Your Ultimate Marketing Checklist


For entrepreneurs experiencing their startup growth and change each day, knowing how to harness your company’s growth and market your newly founded brand as efficiently as possible can seem like a large undertaking. When you begin researching marketing methodologies for your new business, it can feel like information overload. It may turn up strategies that … Read more

21 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

customer acquisition for startups

The times we live in are unprecedented. The rapid advancement of technology gave rise to new opportunities for businesses to gain new customers. But even though many business representatives see customer acquisition as a simple process, the wide access to information people have nowadays makes this process more difficult. Some businesses think that customer acquisition … Read more

6 Design Basics For Startup Branding

startup branding

Starting your own business and building your brand is both exciting yet moderately stressful. There’s a lot of planning involved before your new company takes off. However, if you take sensible actions, you’ll grow soon enough.  One of the first things you must do is branding. This step is vital for all product and service … Read more

5 Tips to Market Your Startup with a Local Startup Directory


Local startup directories are a great resource for local businesses to reach new customers. These directories list local businesses and help users find what they need based on location. They’re also a goldmine of potential customers for your startup because everyone listed there is also looking for new customers. If you can convince a local … Read more

10 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Startup Marketing Plan Great

startup marketing plan - blogging

You definitely need a different startup marketing plan. The world has changed a bit. There are new businesses lined up with increased competition everywhere.  If your enterprise can’t keep up with changing trends in your industry, you may get left behind by more innovative companies. The businesses need to be different as well as unique. … Read more

Startuplister vs Promotehour: How to Easily Promote Your Startup?

Promoting your startup is essential after you have developed your product, in order to find new customers and new leads. There are tons of methods to promote and market your startup. One of the ways to promote your startup is to submit your startup to various directories and blogs.

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