Startup Directories You Should Be Using To Promote Your Startup

promote your startup via startup directories

Congratulations, if you are here and trying to promote your startup as it means that you started something. The thing is promoting your startup is hard. There are many free and paid ways to promote your startup. You can start paying for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. Alternatively, you can try other methods, I highly suggest you to start blogging for your startup as well. However, today, we are not going to talk about blogging or content marketing but rather promoting your startup via startup directories.

There are also many startup directories to promote your startup but you need to be a little picky so that you don't spend too much time trying to submit your startups to fruitless startup directories. Apart from that, I would like to list the startup directories you probably don't know but you should be using to promote your startup. What I mean by that, you already know, you should try Product Hunt, Hacker News or Betalist, our purpose here is to introduce you other startup directory alternatives.

List Of Startup Directories To Promote Your Startup

Launching Next

promote your startup on launching next

Launching Next showcases the world's most promising new startups every day.

Twitter: 17K followers @launchingnext

Facebook: 400 likes @launchingnext

promote your startup on

Discover the latest startups launched! Let the world know your startup/products!

Twitter: 200 followers  @LaunchedIO

promote your startup on

LaunchList is a free resource for startups looking to tell the world about their new products.

Twitter: 11K followers @Launch_List

Facebook: 250 likes


promote your startup on signupfirst

A platform where tech startups give early adopters exclusive deals.

Twitter:  4200 followers @signupfirst1

Facebook:  18K likes @SignUpFirst1


promote your startup on

Browse, discover, hunt startups and new ideas.

Twitter:  14K followers @beta_page


promote your startup on adhipster

Free social media cross-promotion: people share your ad for free, you share theirs in return

Twitter:  4100 followers @adhipster


promote your startup on allstartups

Twitter: 1000 followers @AllStartupsInfo

Facebook: 500 likes @allstartupsinfo

Startup Buffer

promote your startup on startup buffer


Startup Buffer is the place where new projects are promoted!

Twitter: 50K followers @startupbuffer

Facebook: 15K followers @startupbuffer

Here we have just listed the top startup directories you probably don't know but you should be using to promote your startup. Go submit your startup and let us know if there are any other startup directory you tried and get benefited before!

For me, the winning strategy in any startup business is, 'Think big but start small.'  ~ Carmen Busquets

Startuplister vs Promotehour: How to Easily Promote Your Startup?

Promoting your startup is essential after you have developed your product, in order to find new customers and new leads. There are tons of methods to promote and market your startup. One of the ways to promote your startup is to submit your startup to various directories and blogs.

In order to decrease the effort you have to spend on submitting your project to directories and blogs, there are now projects doing the legwork for you. Using those services seems to be the easiest way to promote your startup. Of course, in exchange for a little money.

Two prominent ones are Startuplister and Promotehour. Both services seems to be valid and working. They both have nice designs and, most importantly, they both help you get submitted to dozens of places.

Startuplister Review

Startuplister offers 2 plans; basic and pro. Basic plan is priced at $99 and Pro plan is priced at $299.


With Basic plan, your startup gets to be submitted to 40+ startup directories (free to submit directories), press outlets and blogs. In addition to that, your startup is shared on their social networks 10 times over 2 months to around 10,000 followers.

With Pro plan, your startup is submitted to 80+ startup directories including premium ones, press outlets and blogs. Additionally,your startup is shared on their social networks 20 times over 4 months to around 10K followers.

Both plans also include free listing on Startuplister and promotion on their newsletter to around 3K subscribers.

Promotehour Review

Promotehour also offers 2 plans; Submissions and Growth.


Submissions plan costs $99 and your startup is submitted to 50 startup communities within 3 days.

Promotehour's Growth plan, in addition to the submissions, provides a review on and 3 tweets to 40K followers. Additionally, it includes you in newsletters with a total of 7K subscribers in problemSolved, Startupguys and Launchlister. This plan costs you $119.

Which one to use? Startuplister vs Promotehour

They both seem to be close to each other in terms of offerings.

Promotehour seems to be a little bit more affordable than Startuplister in terms of submission price but if you are willing to spend more, Startuplister's Pro plan seems to be the better choice as it also submits to some premium places.

So, it all depends on your budget and, to be honest, it is a little hard to choose one over the other. However, they both can help you save some time and get a good amount of exposure and traffic to your startup. What do you think?

Please share your experience with either of them or any similiar service with us in the comment section. We would very love to hear it.

UPDATE: Of course, Startuplister and Promotehour projects are evolving and getting better in terms of number of startup directories, blogs and pricing. You should check their website for more up to date information.

PS: Don't forget to submit your startup to Startup Buffer 🙂