Best Video Content Ideas for Startups to Try in 2024

When it comes to creating a powerful online marketing strategy, video content is one of the key approaches to include for any business regardless of the products and industry it operates. And, there’s no wonder of it: startups that apply videos can attract more search traffic and generate more revenue compared to those that don’t. Along with that, more than 72% of audiences prefer learning more about the products through video content and nearly 46% of customers say that videos encourage them for further interaction with a brand. 

Having uncovered these impressive insights about video content, therefore, the question arises: what methods and practices can help to create powerful marketing videos that specifically benefit your startup objectives? We asked experienced marketers and leading experts to define the best tips for top content creation that will help you to enhance your startup performance in 2024. 

best video content ideas

#1 Demonstration Videos

A demonstration video is especially useful for startups who have just introduced their products to a wide audience. Overall, video presentations help not only to describe the products but also present their major features and great benefits that help those to stand out from the competition. 

Additionally, this type of video can shed light on product usage and how it can help to resolve their specific pains or problems. 

#2 Customer Testimonial Videos

Сustomers trust the online recommendations from fellow consumers when choosing specific products or services, which is no wonder: the client testimonial can be a perfect chance to show the first impressions about the product or service usage. Moreover, the client testimonial can add a more personal touch to your marketing videos and help your content to deliver more compelling messages to new, potential customers. 

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#3 Q&A Videos

Along with product promotion, video content can significantly level up your business by implementing more customer-centric marketing approaches. For instance, videos uncovering the FAQs about specific products or brands will help your business to express its authenticity, help your potential clients to know it better, and find compelling reasons why they should give it a try. 

At the same time, you’ll stay assured the clients possess all the essential information they need about your startup to make the order and not switch to your competitors. 

#4 Interactive Video Websites

Another trend in video marketing for startups in 2024 is to create interactive content for your website. Today, popular services like WordPress or Shopify enabled options of adding different video content to your website to enhance user engagement and boost interaction with clients. Thus, you can now see different content from multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others added to the official website of a certain brand. 

Not only the content includes a product presentation or client testimonials: but there are also various videos showing the team workflow behind the scenes, interviews with celebrities and bloggers using this brand, etc. 

#5 Before & After Videos

One of the most popular video content ideas that seem to never be out of trend on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is transformation video. This content remains one of the hottest trends in Instagram Reels, as it helps not only to draw the attention of your target audience but also show the product’s efficiency and inspire your potential customers to give it a try. 

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#6 Unboxing / Unpacking Videos

This content type has become extremely effective in the field of influencer marketing, mostly because of the high engagement rates and its ability to reach out to the target audiences that are interested in the products. 

On the business side, unpacking videos can become a great way to uncover the first impressions after getting a product, and provide the most accurate feedback regarding the product usage, its pros and cons, usage ideas, and many more. At the same time, unpacking video content can drive people’s interest in the product without pushing too hard on the product promotion, which consequently enhances product sales performance. 

#7 Seasonal Videos

Seasonality is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your startup if used wisely. For this reason, taking advantage of the upcoming holidays and seasons in your videos is surely a must for any business. 

Seasonal video content such as, for instance, Halloween greetings or Christmas sales can be easily used for social media, empower your email marketing efforts, or increase engagement on your website. It’s also a great idea to encourage your audience to participate in social media competitions, giving them a chance to win special prizes or nice shopping discounts for the UGC they make. Not only is it a nice chance to promote your products on social media, but also a good way to get more materials for further marketing efforts. 

#8 How-to Videos

Video content is considered to be the simplest way to learn useful information that can come in handy later. Every day, people learn things by watching billions of different videos like “how to make a dog leash”, “cook lasagna”, or “set up the TV” – these simple everyday videos seem to never be out of trend.

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So, if you have some useful hacks or effective tips you want to share – make a bunch of video guides on how to get them done! Suppose you’ve mastered a quick editing skill or want to show the latest trends in Photoshop. Capture the content with a screen recorder, add some edgy transitions using free video editing software, and create a detailed yet straightforward video that goes viral once it’s live. 

This format can also work great for startups that want to conduct product promotion through the how-to content: make a script for your video, set up a green screen for a better visual, and start recording your best video.


As you can see, there are lots of different video content ideas that can enhance your marketing strategy and improve your startup performance. Do not miss your chance to upgrade your marketing efforts with these powerful video ideas!

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