Custom Modern Business Cards for Your Small Business via Basic Invite

Even though in this Coronavirus (Covid-19) days, most of the business events either postponed or canceled, when they open again, one of the important things you will need for those business events will be the nice deck of business cards.

painted business cards

Even though, you can obtain and order generic business cards from anywhere, having as much as customization on business card design is very important.

Today, we are going to talk about a service called Basic Invite. Basically, Basic Invite sells customizable paper products such as business cards. You can customize the business cards to any color you would like.

Basic Invite Foil Business Cards

They are one of the only companies that allow you to change the color of every element on a card. They provide many different custom designs including custom modern business cards that you can easily make changes and order in a few minutes.

Last time I check there are hundreds of business card designs available on their website. The best part is using those business card templates you can change text color, background color, add your own logos and graphics.

Also some of the paper options you can have for your business cards include:

  • Signature Matte
  • Smooth Coated
  • Velvet
  • Premium Shimmer
  • Double Thick
  • Luxe Velvet

They also provide different sets of business cards for different business niches. For instance, if you have a cleaning related business, you can check out some of the cleaning business cards.

basic invite invitation letters

I know that one additional important thing when it comes to doing business is money. You need to be careful when you are spending money on your business especially if you are bootstrapping or a small business without any external investment. So, if you are to talk about the pricing of these business cards, they start from $0.17 per each and you can also order some samples before making your full purchase from them. The cost of buying a sample only costs $2.99.

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small business modern business cards

Regarding the delivery of your business cards, you have three different options. Standard delivery, which makes sure that you get your business cards in 7 business days. Priority delivery makes sure that you get your business cards in 5 business days and lastly, Rush delivery makes the delivery within 2 business days.

Having a nicely designed business card is important. Especially if you are a small business or doing business offline.

So, next time you might want to order some business cards for your small business or your startup, you might want to check out Basic Invite for some nicely designed very affordable modern business cards.

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