ConvertKit vs LeadPages

Technology is advancing daily, making your work even more straightforward. In the world of marketing, numerous platforms have been developed to cater to your audience. But what makes the best platform for marketing?
Ideally, people are always looking for the best platform that comes with numerous advantages to the user. In this comparison, we have compared ConvertKit and Leadpages identifying features that make one platform more superior to the other.


Let’s have a look at each platform individually.


As a powerful marketing automation platform, ConvertKit allows you to deliver personalized emails to your audience. It comes with a user-friendly interface with flexible pricing, which is a powerful addition to any email marketing tool out there. Using the platform, you can slowly grow your audience and increase your income as well. Thanks to the wonderful free plan the platform has to offer, users can enjoy using the platform entirely. With over 80 integration, you can be sure there is a tool that is perfect for your business from a long list of options.

The platform has also made your work even more straightforward, with the ability to switch from one provider to another. That is to say that you can switch to ConvertKit in a snap.


Leadpages is one of the most productive platforms you can come across. It makes your design launch and tests a piece of cakes, offering you a massive selection of templates, not forgetting a drug and drop editor that works best for both beginners and advanced marketers.
It offers a code-free web publishing, and this means you don’t require tech knowledge to make the best out of the platform. You can also maximize the content you publish thanks to conversion-optimized pages, alert bars, and even A/B tests that convert your web traffic into lucrative leads. With this tool at your disposal, you are invincible.

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Nevertheless, we have not concluded on which platform is best for you.

As mentioned above, the two platforms all serve different purposes, and you will also see that they don’t have many features in common. For instance, the ConvertKit tool is highly specialized in email marketing, while Leadpages is well crafted for customizing and testing of landing pages.

ConvertKit vs. Leadpages

Email Marketing Automation

The ConvertKit tool has its strength in email marketing automation. It works by providing users with the ability to send emails to subscribers. With a fantastic power in automation, markers can be able to send personalized, highly effective emails to subscribers based on their behaviors.
Users can choose to add visitors to a specific email list and do more to leave the customer satisfied with the services.
On the other hand, Leadpages, is a powerful software that is designed to make creating landing pages a piece of cake. It comes with some conversion-focused elements like the countdown aimed at increasing opt-in rates and urgency.

Users can explore the full range of templates from which they can build different landing pages. Depending on your product type Leadpages has got you covered with models for B2B services and many more, which are all aimed at increasing your sales.
It is also an excellent tool for collecting emails. With the opt-in Leadbox, you can collect names and email addresses of visitors interested in your WordPress website, which is a perfect way to expand your audience.

User interface

ConvertKit comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that makes building new email courses quick and straightforward. Compared to different email automation tools, ConvertKit is designed to cater for non-technical users. This means that you do not need coding experiences to create email courses and even personalize your emails when using the interface.
Moreover, ConvertKit comes with a WordPress plugin to add a form to your WordPress site without the need for managing additional code.

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Leadpages also offers an effortless drag and drop interface, which makes customizing your page a piece of cake. You can use the fonts, colors, and different variables that you can obtain from the toolbar to make your page more appealing.
Users using the platform don’t require any design, HTML, or CSS experience to come up with a masterpiece since customizing your landing page is very simple and comprehensive.



With ConvertKit, the pricing kicks off at $29 per month with a guarantee of 1k subscribers. This also includes features like Built-in Split testing, landing page Builder, a 30-day refund policy, and 70plus direct integrations.
At $49 per month, you have access to 3k subscribers, unlimited, customizable forms
Unlimited email sends, visual automation, and many more.
For $79 per month, you have access to 5k subscribers and everything on the previous level.
Above 5k subscribers, you enter into the customizable calculations where your prices will be charged monthly based on the number of subscribers you enter.
Convert Kit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you test the software first before investing entirely.


Leadpages only have three levels of pricing.
The standard is the first level which goes for $25 per month, offering, one site, landing pages, unlimited traffic and leads, free custom domain,
Lead Notification among many others
The Pro level goes for $48 per month, offering three sites, everything on the standard level, Email trigger links, 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns, and many more.
Last but not least is the Advanced level, which goes for $199 per month. It offers up to 50 sites everything on the Pro level, 50 other opt-in text campaigns, one on 1 Quickstart call, Advanced integrations, and 5pro sub-accounts.

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Just like ConvertKit, Leadpages have a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you have explored the platform fully before making the final decision.
They also have an offer to build a website, starting at $15 per month.

Final words

Ideally, ConvertKit is an entirely different platform from Leadpages, since ConvertKit is mainly meant for bloggers and content marketers. On the other hand, you cannot use Leadpages without an email marketing tool, which is generally costly.

However, ConvertKit and Leadpages are great applications and are definitely worth your money. Given that they are two different tools, the degree of efficiency is highly dependent on you as a marketer. Different marketers will find one platform more proficient than the other. Hence, take your time and find one platform that suits your purpose perfectly.

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