Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: A Comparison [2023]

Making sales on Amazon is more competitive than ever. With the number of sellers entering your niche with thousands of similar widgets increasing with every second. Well, you don’t want to be last on the list.

In the modern world, business is run by lucrative software that has transformed the way we run our business entirely. However, the number of new software popping up in the market is continuously alarming. Given that most of the software flooding the market are rendered useless (offering inaccurate data), you need to be more cautious before using a particular tool on your business. This calls for the best product search tool in the current market.

Product search tools like Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout (Amazon Scout) appear as the most proficient tools. Each tool is equipped with original features that help sellers on the Amazon portal make the best out of business. The big question is which tool is the best for your business?

Following through, we are going to have a look at a one on one comparison between Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout, comparing different aspects the tools have to offer, and how relevant they are to the seller.

Let’s begin!

The Product History of the Tools

Jungle Scout Screenshot

Compared to AMZ Scout, Jungle scout has a wide product history from which sellers can compare and contrast the price history of products. This is the best way to distinguish the product price on Amazon and the actual marketplace.

On the other hand, product history in AMZ Scout is not as vast as Jungle Scout. This makes this tool-less flexible to advanced Amazon sellers. Moreover, sellers find it hard to track the correct product history which helps in their analysis.

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List Quality Score

When it comes to the list quality score feature, AMZ Scout has the crown. AMZ Scout offers better scales and product ratings from 1 to 100 points. Some of the product ratings you should expect to include name length, bullets count, brand product images, evaluations among many others.

In Jungle Scout, the list quality score feature allows the Amazon FBA sellers to track the product ratings with a scale of 1 to 5 pointer system. Despite this feature not being more advanced in Jungle Scout, sellers can improvise their products with a direct comparison. Quality score will help you make the best decisions concerning your business.

Sales data

The levels of accuracy in AMZ Scout is nothing compared to Jungle Scout when in terms of sales data. However, you will still find the tool capable of maintaining unlimited sales content.

On the other side, Jungle Scout is very accurate when maintaining the sales data of the products sold over Amazon. This data is composed of Amazon Seller rankings, units of products sold, product pricing, and most importantly product history. Generally, Jungle Scout is a master of Sales data.


If you like it cheap or expensive, then you will be pleased with the varying prices of these fantastic tools.

The price of AMZ Scout is relatively lower compared to that of Jungle scout. It’s available to sellers in three unique package options ranging from the Basic package to the Business Package.

Users pay $44.99 per month with a free trial.

Users also pay $199 for a lifetime experience and a free trial

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Jungle Scout also offers Amazon FBA sellers with three different plan options, which can be paid monthly or on an annual basis. They include:

The Jungle Scout is the most preferred option by Amazon FBA sellers, thanks to its incredible features at a suitable price.

Using Jungle Scout is seen as a smart investment by most well-established sellers on Amazon since you have access to the best resources, education, and an impressive support team that offers fast response to your demands.


In terms of service, let’s look at the interaction of these product research tools with the user. Here you will see which features make one tool more productive than the other.

Free Trial

Both tools offer a free trial to the user, with Jungle Scout offering a 14-day free trial to every new user.

Click here to start your free trial with Jungle Scout.

Click here to start your free trial with AMZScout.

Software Updates

AMZ Scout is frequently updated to ensure the web app is up to date for a thrilling user experience. Nevertheless, it does not have an incredible data history compared to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Chrome extensions usually have minor updates, developing a beautiful user interface that sellers can interact with. In addition to this, it offers an incredible data history that is very relevant to the seller.

Chrome Extension

When talking about chrome extensions, both tools share almost the same standard features; at some point, you will find them performing similar tasks. However, you will discover AMZScout’s extension is relatively slower when comparing it to Jungle Scout’s extension. It’s very irritating, primarily if you are used to using Jungle Scout as a seller.

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Additional features

Expect no other functionality from AMZ Scout, since the available features will serve their purpose perfectly. However, with Jungle Scout, you will find more than expected. One additional feature to expect from this tool is the Pay per click, which is used for rating products on Amazon. Using these features, you can track your competition to ensure you always remain on top of the game.

Other features you should expect include are Finding suppliers, listing optimizer, Product launch, a profit Dashboard, and many more.

Final words

Clearly, from the comparison above, Jungle Scout offers a great challenge to AMZ Scout. It comes with impressive features, operating speed, and the incredible speed capabilities of its chrome extension.

Jungle Scout works to save you time by helping you avoid confusing spreadsheets and save you a lot of money in the process. This outstanding tool also helps eliminate the risk of launching an unsuccessful product.

That’s why we recommend the use of Jungle Scout as your ultimate product research tool in general. However, AMZScout’s lifetime price tag of $199 makes it a very very affordable tool.

What are you waiting for? Experience the best sales with one of the most productive business tools you can get your hands on.

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