Motivated Employees, Compared To Unmotivated Employees

It is undoubtedly important to have motivated employees. But do you know the huge difference you would have if you have motivated or unmotivated employees? Here in this post, we present motivated employees, compared to unmotivated employees: 

1. Are able to better handle uncertainty 

Since motivated employees tend to be a lot more engaged, they have more confidence in the things they do as well. As a consequence, in difficult situations, they know how to best react.

2. Are much better problem-solvers

Most employers are looking for employees who have good problem-solving skills. If you have motivated employees, they work harder as well to solve challenges and problems. 

3. Are more creative and innovative 

When employees are engaged and motivated, they are able to come up with innovative ideas that can help to optimize the performance of a business. 

4. Are proactive

Employees who are motivated will proactively search for new solutions to achieve goals and eliminate challenges. They don’t wait for others to give them feedback and will evaluate their own work quite often. 

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5. Are more productive

More productivity is often the result of more engagement and motivation. Therefore, companies that have motivated employees tend to be more productive than other companies. Tracktime24 can help to manage employees’ tasks and workloads promoting productivity. Research conducted by Hay Group on employee motivation showed that offices that have engaged employers are more productive by 43%. 

6. Better understand company goals 

Employees who are motivated are interested in understanding how the work they do contributes to the company’s overall success. Therefore, they are always interested in knowing what the company’s objectives, vision, and mission are. 

7. Work towards accomplishing their goals

When motivated employees understand the company’s goals it helps them understand and accomplish their own goals as well.

9. Are more customer-centric

Employees who are engaged will always care about the satisfaction of your customers, whether you have a B2C or B2B business. 

10. Tend to stay with a company longer

One of the largest workforce problems is fluctuation. Businesses that have engaged employees enjoy an employee retention rate that is 87% higher compared to other companies.

11. Are more open to change and more adaptable

All employers try to achieve agility. Employees who are more motivated are faster to adopt more agile ways of working and more open to change. 

12. Are better team players 

Since most motivated employees want to help achieve the company’s objectives and goals, it is more likely that they will be team players as opposed to going solo. 

13. Have a good influence on other employees 

Employees who are disengaged often negatively impact those around them. Their negativity might also contribute to creating a company culture that is unhealthy. 

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14. Have a tendency to be healthier 

A report detailing the financial costs that employee disengagement has shown that companies that have low employee engagement have 62% more reported accidents compared to those that have high engagement.

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