The Helpful Tax Guide for Your Startup Business

invest tax refund

Starting a business can be a turbulent process. The success of your company is riding on a lot of variables, including managing your time and money efficiently. To make things even more complicated, when it’s tax season, and you will need to fill out a return for your new company. While this might be your … Read more

SiteGuru vs ContentKing: Which SEO tool to use?

ContentKing SEO Report Example

If you’re in the SEO business, you know the importance of SEO audits. Either because you have a new client and need to quickly get the full picture of their website, as well as provide some recommendations. Or because you want to keep a close eye on the SEO health of your existing clients. Doing … Read more

SendinBlue vs GetResponse: Which One is Right for You?

SendInBlue vs GetResponse Review

Indeed, if you have heard of GetResponse and SendinBlue, you must know how essential they are in email marketing. However, each tool is built with vary capabilities but with one common goal. That’s why many components provided by GetResponse are also available in SendinBlue, and vice versa. You will be surprised, probably with a clouded … Read more

Reputation Management Tips For Your Startup

Online Reputation Management for Startups

Reputation management is one of the crucial things to consider if you want to have a successful startup. Long gone are the days when startup businesses could operate quietly, and locally, and thrive without any thought for building a larger reputation. Word of mouth still matters, but more and more of those conversations are happening … Read more

7 Great Tips to Have a Successful Startup

Successful Startups

Yes, managing a startup is hard, but you don’t need to make it harder than it is. Others walked the walk before you. These tips gather the wisdom of many successful startup owners. What is that? You can’t come to the stag party? Your vacation is an afternoon nap? You have forgotten your girlfriend’s name? … Read more

Leverage Social Proof to Increase Your Sales: Trustpulse vs Proof

All over the world, people are looking for various means to improve their marketing techniques. Well, do you know what Social Proof is? If you don’t, then you will be surprised by the wonders you can achieve by implementing this technique. What is Social Proof? The term Social proof dates back to 1984 as a … Read more

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout

Making sales on Amazon is more competitive than ever. With the number of sellers entering your niche with thousands of similar widgets increasing with every second. Well, you don’t want to be last on the list. In the modern world, business is run by lucrative software that has transformed the way we run our business … Read more

Popular Startups on Startup Buffer in 2019

promote your startup on startup buffer

Startup Buffer received 2353 submissions in 2019 and it got more than 100,000 pageviews. In this blog post, we are going to list some of the most popular startups on Startup Buffer depending on how many views they have got. Popular Startups on Startup Buffer Flatfile The new standard for SaaS data import Ampfluence Amplify … Read more

13 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

Think positively to beat imposter syndrome

Entrepreneurs often go through an imposter syndrome phase. Imposter syndrome in entrepreneurs is where entrepreneurs think and feel that they are not worth it, do not have what it takes, are frauds, and feel like failures and let-downs. This causes self-doubt. However, entrepreneurs could not be all this they think to be, but this stems … Read more

Affordable Tools For Startups That Will Help You Gain Customers and Run Your Business Smoothly

Affordable Tools for Startups

The last thing you want as a startup is large spending on various SaaS tools. On the other side, you may need one or two tools that can help you run your startup smoothly. We know that as a startup the most essential thing is to gaining customers/leads and it is not easy. Running your … Read more