Repost by Elokenz Review

In this post, we are going to talk about Repost by Elokenz. We are going to provide brief review of Repost by Elokenz and go over the features of the product.

What is Repost by Elokenz?

Repost by Elokenz is a social media marketing tool that can help your startup to have social media automation with affordable prices. Basically, what Repost by Elokenz does is that they help you to re-use your content on your social media accouts in an automated manner to help you with your content marketing.


Main feature of Repost by Elokenz is that they help you to add content to your Repost library over RSS so that you can easily add your blog content by providing the RSS link. Along with the RSS, you can also add content providing a direct link to it as well.

You can connect your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts so far and you can configure which content is distributed on which social media profile.

Additionally, you can provide different headlines for each of the content and the social media posts are shared using different headlines.

Reporting is another good features of Repost by Elokenz. They provide informatino about the effectiveness of each content through the stats of clicks. They can also help you to compare the click-through rates of each headline you provided.

Here you can see some of the screenshots from the product.

repost by elokenz review login page
Elokenz Login Page
repost by elokenz dashboard repost list
Elokenz Dashboard Page
repost by elokenz content sources
Elokenz Content Library Page
elokenz rss source
Elokenz RSS Source Page


Repost by Elokenz has 3 different accounts types. You can try the product for free with some limitations but we believe that free account type has also some value. For free, you can try it up to 30 different contents to share with 1 account for each social media channel. They still provide analytics for free account as well. If you need more content to repost and more social media accounts to share your content, you can upgrade your free account and in the below figure you can see the prices and the number of content you can add to your library.

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elokenz pricing

They also provide discounts, if you wish to pay annually.

Repost by Elokenz Review

Overall, Repost by Elokenz seems to be a useful product especially for startups as it can help you automate your content marketing and social media marketing efforts. Although, the product is not complicated, the user interface can seem a bit hard at the beginning but eventually you get used to it. The product is also not expensive and we can say that it is an affordable product and its free account has also some value for you at the beginning.

If you want to try Repost by Elokenz, click here.

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